About The Cheeky Unicorn Boutique in Chicago


Shameless, photo overshare is what happens when you have a kid again at 45.


The Cheeky Unicorn Boutique came about as an extension of my photography studio here in Chicago.  The brick and mortar version of the studio/boutique is now closed because as it turns out, having someone carry your child is pretty pricey stuff.  That’s right, at the ripe age of 45, I decided to change nappies, forgo sleep for the next 5 years, and we owe it all to a wonderful surrogate who has become a much-loved addition to our family.


When I’m not doing chemist-y skin care stuff, photographing, and browsing the LA Fashion District for new boutique clothing, I’m busy humiliating my husband on Facebook.  I also am a grandma who curses a LOT and says totally inappropriate things in front of children of all ages.  I’m working on that, along with softening up my resting bitch face a little.


You’ll notice that same inappropriateness reflected in some of my Mable Lee’s Self Care line.  I reference farts, bourbon, and politics quite a bit, but there is a nifty disclaimer there advising you that a sense of humor is required to purchase.


I’m available during the daylight hours to answer any questions you might have.  You can reach me via email at: hello@thecheekyunicorn.com.