Getting the Most Out of Your Soy Candle

Getting the Most Out of Your Soy Candle

Mable Lee's Travel Candles


Your new Mable Lee’s Candle has arrived and we know you’re as excited as a rooster in a hen house.  Hold on to your britches there, treating your soy candle with a little extra care will help it last longer and maintain its fragrance.


One of the benefits of soy candles is that they can hold on to fragrance like nobody’s business.  That means you get a bigger bang for your buck!  Soy-based candles also burn cleaner and last longer than traditional candles.  Before we get into the proper use of your candle, the common sense warnings must be addressed.  Keep away from curtains, kiddos, pets, and don’t leave unattended.


Cut that wick down

Before that first burn (and any going forward) trim the wick to at least 1/4 inch.  Throw the cut wick away, making sure not to let it drop into the candle.  Not only is it a fire hazard, the burned wick will dirty up your candle.  Our wicks are made from 100% cotton or wood and are easy to trim and burn clean.


The first burn

Set aside 3-4 hours when first lighting your candle.  This allows the soy to form a “memory” pool.  The first melt pool is important and sets the pattern for each consecutive burn.  Allow the melt pool to spread across the entire surface of the candle and it should be about 1/4 inch deep.  Don’t worry about exact measurements; burning the candle at least 3-4 hours the first go-’round is what you’re aiming for.


Preserving the fragrance

I’m guilty of throwing the lids away when starting a new candle, but that lid is important for proper candle care.  It keeps dust out of the wax and also helps “seal” in the fragrance.  It also keeps light (both natural and bulb) out, which can affect the color of your candle.  Our candles are dye-free, so UV rays can turn the soy yellow if exposed for long periods of time. 

Our tin candle lids also double as elevation for you to place the candle on.  This will ensure the surface you’re placing the candle on doesn’t heat up also.


Don’t burn too low

It’s tempting to get your money’s worth out of a new candle, but burning the candle when it’s less than 1/2 inch is not good practice.  Instead of throwing the remaining wax away, I place the container on a candle warmer.  This melts the soy wax and lets me enjoy every last bit of fragrance the candle has to offer.


And lastly

Our travel candles are made for travel and small spaces.  Don’t expect a small candle to fragrance up a large space.  Although our candles are fragrant enough to throw their scent in a space approximately 250 square feet; the smaller the space, the more you will enjoy all the candle has to offer.  Keep it on a side table while enjoying a book, on the nightstand in the bedroom or in the bathroom while relaxing in the tub.

For larger spaces, our jar candles are a perfect way to experience more “throw” (how far the scent will travel) with your favorite fragrance. 


With just a little care, your soy candle will last much longer and will create a relaxing experience for months to come!

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