Here you’ll find the answers to questions we’ve actually received and ones we anticipate


Are your products organic?

Our clothing, no.  For our skin care line, the answer isn’t a simple one.  We source ingredients from reputable companies and while many of the ingredients we use ARE organic, not all of them are.  It would be dishonest to label the final product organic, when every ingredient isn’t.

We use natural ingredients first and only whenever possible, but in the cosmetic chemistry world, there are sometimes no natural substitutions that give the slip, hold, and texture we are striving for.  When they make a bacon essential oil, I promise I’ll be the first company to snatch some up for our products.


You have size 10-12 listed under curvy/plus.  Bitch, that ain’t fat!

Trust me, as a Rubenesque gal myself, boutique sizes sometimes aren’t fair.  Clothing designed for boutiques often runs smaller than the clothing you’ll find at your local super centers and the like.

I would love to design clothing for plus-size that is actually TRUE-to-size, but since most of my funds were signed over to an agency to find a surrogate for my son, that will have to wait.  Although when Gio becomes U.S. President, you have my word that I’ll have him draw up an International Size Treaty right away.


I have an idea for a scent/flavor for your perfume oils/lip balms.  Do you take requests?

You bet your sweet ass I do.  Now that I’ve reached Grandma-status, this brain is a bit tired (probably doesn’t help that I stay up ’til 4 a.m. blending and sniffing scents) and I would love to entertain your ideas.  You are welcome to use the contact form on the site or email me at:

If your idea is used, I’ll let you know and send you a full-size sample to try out and give you credit on the website.  This also gives you bragging rights when your friends and family ask about that fabulous scent you’re wearing.


Is there actual weed in your Hippy Hemp Salve or 420 lip balm?

Um, that would be frickin’ amazing, but unfortunately my mama, the real Mable Lee, would have a conniption fit if I sent out a product with the devil’s lettuce in it.  The FDA also wouldn’t be too thrilled with me.

There is however kick-ass cannabis oil (of the hemp kind), which is steam-distilled in Italy, all up in that amazing salve.  And yes, Mable Lee really does use it (she has really painful knees) and loves it.  100% Jesus-approved.


Is all the cussing, bitch, and fart talk really necessary?

Mable Lee has been asking me this for about 43 years (most recently on 1.6.18).  I’m almost 45 now, but I’ve had a potty mouth since about  age 2.  It is TOTALLY necessary and I encourage you to try it.  It will help you get through your day a little better if you brighten up a sentence with a colorful word or two.  Trust me.


Are you a witch doctor?

No Ashley, I’m not.  I am known however, for supplying friends and family with a shit-ton of essential oil blends, Fire Tonic, salves, and soaps for a variety of ailments.  I like to consider myself a modern-day Grandma with a hippy soul.


I’m coming to the Chicago area; any food recommendations?

In no particular order, here are the places where I love to consume mass quantities:


Perkolator Coffee

Lou Malnati’s

Blossom Cafe

Royal Sushi

Umami Sushi

Tava Indian

Pueblo Nuevo


Molly’s Cupcakes

Firecakes Donuts

Chez Delisay’s

Palermo Bakery



My lip balm did NOT taste like bourbon!

Whoa, Nellie! Don’t get yourself all up in a tizzy.  Lip balms technically should NOT taste like the flavor they’re named after.  And if it does, that means it was sweetened in some sort of way.  Since I don’t want to be responsible for someone slipping into a diabetic coma, I leave the sweeteners out of our lip balms.  Although I may reference “taste” in a product description, it is merely an awesome smell.

So as long as your sniffer is happy with the “flavor” oil we’ve added and your lips are soft as a baby’s bottom, I hope you and I are good.